We specialise in the following aspects of GROUNDWATER: Exploration i.e. borehole siting, drilling exploration, yield testing & water quality; Management; Monitoring; Integrated Water Resource Management; Geodatabase, Remote Sensing & GIS development

Institute of Mine Seismology

The Institute of Mine Seismology (IMS) is the world's largest, independent research, development and service organization, which develops methodologies and technologies to monitor the seismic rock mass response to mining.
The IMS is the global leader in microseismic monitoring for the mining industry.

Peace Parks Foundation

Transfrontier conservation areas, also known as peace parks, are ecological systems that straddle the boundaries of neighbouring countries. Peace Parks Foundation assists countries to create peace parks, thus enabling harmonised management of ecosystems shared across international borders. Wild animals, and tourists, are able to move across borders where once there were fences. In this manner, ecosystems are managed as a unified entity and not separately by the countries involved.