Education & Training

Compuscan Academy

Compuscan Academy is a skills development and training provider dedicated to giving the best
possible training in the credit and corporate industry.

Elizabeth Galloway


We aim to equip the individual with skills and practical experience of the entire creative process within which fashion is conceptualized, designed and created. Individual attention to the student ensures personal growth and originality. We strive to produce a caliber of designer who is ready to enter the fashion industry with the utmost expertise and confidence.



Encore SA is a specialist provider of practice development services to the South African financial service industry.

We provide a wide range of consulting and training solutions to financial institutions, broker groups, individual advisers and broker practices.

My Life Plan

We help people to plan a life with purpose by setting meaningful goals.

Imagine this... You are at the sunset of your life and are reflecting on your life so far. How would you answer these questions:


Verify South African academic qualifications and student enrolments online
QVS is a public/private venture that verifies South African academic qualifications online. QVS acts as an agent of participating academic and professional institutions on whose behalf the data captured on the database is administered and disclosed to third parties, in compliance with statutory guidelines. We also track student qualifications, verify student enrolments and provide management reports for companies.

The Make-up Issue

Our courses are specifically designed to qualify you as a professional Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist.