Announcing Foodtech

Announcing Foodtech

Foodtech is a new innovative, trendy and on-site online ‘restaurant’ introduced to Technopark. By accessing which will enable you to order a meal online and we will deliver it to the reception of your office-block, freshly prepared!

You can order from a boring toasted cheese sandwich to a fresh, designer ‘Biltong & Cream Cheese Wrap’ or maybe a ‘Mozzarella, Pesto, Tomato & Bacon’ sandwich and our service doesn’t stop there...

LunchDelivered between 11:15 – 14:30
 (Meal of the Day/Burgers/Wraps/Sandwiches/Panini’s/Salads/Soft Drinks)
‘Take me Home’Available from 15:30 for collection
 Freshly prepared meals - collect it on your way home from our on-site kitchen (meats/veggies/starch/salads)
‘On the Move’Available from 15:30 for collection
 Basic grocery line – pre-packed and collect it on your way home (bread/milk/eggs/toilet paper/the odd bottle of wine or two)
CorporateAvailable daily as your need may be
 Boardroom Lunches/Service Conference rooms/Coffee & Tea Stations/Snack Platters/Team Building Cook-offs/Braai packs/etc.
PrivateAll your catering needs from a Spit Braai, Wedding, Intimate Dinner Party, Birthday Party, etc...PS...The sky is the limit!!

There will be Daily/Weekly specials, giving you a better deal and we will host the occasional competition too, for those frequent shoppers!!

And if you don’t feel like sitting in the office and rather feel like taking a walk...come and order your meal (and we do make tailor-made orders) at our kitchen, meet the crew and have a cup of coffee on the house, for free, mahala while you wait for your order.

We will also be doing a range of designer ‘boerewors’...from normal boerewors to peach sausage, blue cheese & green fig sausage to chicken sausage with peppadew & Feta or maybe a sundried tomato with olives & thyme sausage which you will be able to order fresh or frozen from us.

So...if you’re looking for something different...we have a combined experienced of over 30 years and we’ve ‘Been there, done that, got the T- shirt and now it’s to small!!’

Foodtech BBM barcode.pngYou can also go “like” our website on and stay updated or just scan us...



Burger  orders close on 09:30 on the day
 R 20  Fish
 R 20Beef
 R 20 Chicken
 R 20Vegetarian
Wraps orders close on 09:30 on the day
 R 18Crispy Chicken
 R 25Biltong & Cream Cheese
 R 223 Cheeses & Smoked Chicken
Panini  orders close on 09:30 on the day
 R 18Chicken & Mayo
 R 15Toasted Panini with Apricot Jam & Cheese
 R 20Roasted Peppers, Onion & Cheddar Cheese
Sandwiches orders close on 09:30 on the day
  Fresh/Toasted/White/Brown/Whole Wheat
 R 22 3 Cheeses & Mushrooms
 R 24Blue Cheese, Salami & Mushrooms
 R 24Mozzarella, Pesto, Tomato & Bacon
 R 30Techno 4x4 Sami (4 Slice Toasted Sandwich with 2 Eggs, Ham, Cheese, Tomato & Black Pepper)
Salads orders close on 09:30 on the day
 R 20Traditional Greek Salad
 R 22Broccoli & Crispy Fried Bacon
 R 22Cous Cous with Butternut, Feta & Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
 R 25Grilled Chicken Salad with Honey & Mustard Dressing
Soft Drinks   orders close on 09:30 on the day – may only be ordered with a meal
 R 7350ml Juices
 R 7 340ml Cans Variety
 R 7500ml Mineral Waters (Still/Sparkling/Flavoured)

For any Corporate or Private needs/function, please contact us on, 081 549 9954 c, 086 563 1311 f, 26089FBE bbm or send us a message on facebook.

Looking forward to be of service and building a ‘wholesome’ relationship with you.